Friday, April 12, 2013

The fashionable diamond red word H alloy key ring

Hot red appearance alloy key ring is coming now.With its passionate ,if you wear it ,and you will feel so positive all the way.Then you can strong enough to work hard for your beautiful day in the future.Covered with the wonderful diamond on the word H,the fashionable diamond alloy key ring will improve your taste of wear.Believe yourself ,just have a right choice for you to feel the power this key ring bring with you .

The  fashionable diamond  red word H alloy key ring

Wholesale Alloy Keychain

Jewelry Materials: alloy,
Origin: China,
Setting Type: Stamping,
Stone Cut: Buffing,
Jewelry Base Metal: alloy,
Match: Appropriate luxury, Tranquility, Orchid, Jasmine,
Style: National Style, optional, bright, natural, radical, modern,
Design: Key and lock, constellation, mechanicals,
Shape: semicircle, Divided Diamond, Diamond with Projecting Ends,
Jewelry Plating Color: Red,
Suit Crowds: Girls, Boys, Men, easy-going, energetic,
Gender: Couples, Unisex, Women,

Wholesale Keychain Jewelry

The fashionable diamond red word H alloy key ring

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