Thursday, May 30, 2013

The fashion accessories ceramic bracelet

Look at here! This is our special presentation—the fashion accessories ceramic bracelet! This bracelet production process is admirable, it's lines full of the sense of flow and vigor, set off women's elegant and gentle.This kind of bracelet excellent quality, good reputation over the world, orders are welcome.

The fashion accessories ceramic bracelet

Wholesale Ceramic Bracelets

MSRP $81.68 ( WJS wholesael price $8.99)
Jewelry Materials: Ceramics,
Origin: China Dongguan,
Jewelry Base Metal: Ceramics, Stainless steel,
Match: Appropriate luxury, Magnificent, Psychedelic,
Style: mechanized, technological, alternative, unique,
Design: natural force, culture sediment, Faith, Jesus,
Shape: Rectangular, polygon, Anomalous formation,
Jewelry Plating Color: White, Black,
Suit Crowds: humorous, happy, independent, ingenious, knowledgeable,
For the crowd: Couples, Unisex, Women, Man, Youth,

Wholesale Bracelets Jewelry

The fashion accessories ceramic bracelet

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