Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gold and silver glow slender Fashion Bracelet

Current master need it, the beautiful princess desire it, even the ornamental and the combined plain properties of the students will love it. It is Stainless steel bracelet. Gold and silver beauty, highlight to texture, all this is so be just perfect. They are Stainless steel bracelets for men, Stainless steel carbide bracelet as well.

Gold and silver glow slender Fashion Bracelet

Wholesale Stainless steel Bracelets

MSRP $70.00 ( WJS wholesael price $7.30)
Jewelry Materials: Magnet, Stainless steel,
Origin: China Dongguan,
Setting Type: Plating,
Stone Cut: Buffing, Inlay,
Jewelry Base Metal: Stainless steel,
Color: black, golden, old silver,
Match: Victoria, Watermelon, Cactus, Evening gown,
Style: hale, Artificial, Comic and Animation, Bohemia Style,
Design: legend, mechanicals, dance, shine of tears,
Shape: Oblong, polygon,
Jewelry Plating Color: Golden,
Suit Crowds: Youth, aggressive, charitable, dutiful,
For the crowd: Unisex,

Wholesale Bracelets Jewelry

Gold and silver glow slender Fashion Bracelet

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