Thursday, June 20, 2013

Unique serpentine stainless steel necklace

Hey! This is our special presentation—the fashion unique serpentine stainless steel necklace! The necklace is made by the process which is foundry. The exquisite handwork let the necklace makes a person fondle admiringly. Serpentine give necklace the mysterious feeling of old age. You can feel its metallic character that is shiny, solid, piercingly cold.

Unique serpentine stainless steel necklace

Wholesale Stainless steel Necklaces

MSRP $123.38 ( WJS wholesael price $17.99)
Jewelry Materials: Stainless steel,
Origin: China Dongguan,
Setting Type: Stamping, Casting,
Stone Cut: Buffing,
Jewelry Base Metal: Stainless steel,
Match: Jeans wear, Chinese charm, Marvelous beauty, Stroboscopic, sprit, impressionism, realism,
Style: revolutionary, august, sane,
Design: natural force, spiritual pursuit, shine of tears, organ,
Shape: Anomalous formation, polygon,
Jewelry Plating Color: Silver, gray,
Suit Crowds: ambitious, attractive, friendly, optimistic,
For the crowd: Boys, Man, Youth,

Wholesale Necklaces Jewelry

Unique serpentine stainless steel necklace

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